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Bathhouse management sim Spirittea launching on Game Pass next year

Along with fresh looks at tons of other indies at Wholesome Snack

Yesterday Wholesome Games hosted another showcase of fresh indies in collaboration with The Game Awards. Though the TGAs proper were full of big games, names, and announcements, the indie showcase was no slouch, highlighting over a dozen exciting indies. One of the most notable was Spirittea, a life-sim where you manage a bathhouse, build relationships with the local NPCs and help various spirits that only you can see. Sort of a Spirited Away meets Stardew Valley proposition.

Cover image for YouTube videoSpirittea - Official Gameplay Trailer | Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition

The new trailer shows off several activities and mini-games, including drink-mixing, bug-catching, fish-fishing, and treasure hunting. It all looks adorable, but this wouldn’t be a bathhouse management game if it didn’t include some of that Ghibli busywork. Daily maintenance was also on display, as the player character can be seen running after spirits, folding up towels and rushing to feed an enormous dragon. Everything you’d want in a game like this. The game will be released in early 2023 on Steam and Game Pass.

The gnome in A Most Extraordinary Gnome in his little house
A Most Extraordinary Gnome, out now

There were tons of other highlights throughout the show, including a couple of games you can play right now. The paper cutout-styled adventure game, A Most Extraordinary Gnome, is out today on Steam. Then there's Valley Peaks, a frog-filled, first-person climbing sim with a demo out now. You can glide through the valleys, climb up the peaks and get to know the fellow froggys in the area. Finally, Loddlenaut is another wholesome indie with a demo. In this aquatic adventure you’ll be responsible for cleaning the ocean by recycling plastic, refreshing habitats and befriending alien critters. The ultimate gaming fantasy.

We got a new look at the monochromatic co-op adventure Blanc, due February 14th 2023. Then, just a month later, we’ll be getting another adventure game about two quadrupeds with Way To The Woods. You’ll follow two deer as they travel across an abandoned world when Way To The Woods launches in March 2023 on PC and Game Pass. Aaaand another month later in April, we’ll be expecting Mail Time, a delivery game that has you gliding across the woodlands with an adorable mushroom hat.

The showcase ended with the stunning reveal of Europa, a game that tells the story of the last human left in a ruined utopia. The trailer itself is decidedly more upbeat than that description as you’re gliding, sliding and straight-up soaring through some beautiful vistas. Europa is due to release sometime in 2023. Lots to look forward to in indieland.

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