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Forspoken’s getting a demo soon

No word yet on whether it’ll come to PC though

A gameplay stream for Square Enix’s fantasy action RPG Forspoken has been dated for December 9th, but PlayStation Japan have tweeted an image that suggested a demo announcement will feature as part of that. Although the tweet’s been deleted since, user Renka_schedule was able to take a screengrab. You’ll be able to tune in to the Game Awards-adjacent Forspoken stream at 6pm GMT/7pm CET/10am PT, and presumably find out more about the demo during it.

Cover image for YouTube videoForspoken | DEEP DIVE vol.3 (Exploring Athia)
Forspoken's set in the fantastical world of Athia, which looks very scenic.

A demo would be nice to see, considering that what’s been shown of Forspoken’s action so far looks very cool indeed. Hopefully, any demo released won’t be to soften the blow of further delays. Square Enix and devs Luminous Productions are targeting a January 24th release date for now but the game’s already been bumped back twice this year, by four months in March and another three months in July.

Originally known as Project Athia, Forspoken was confirmed for a release on PC back in 2020. Take one look at Forspoken in action and you’ll not be surprised that Luminous Productions includes former members of the team that made Final Fantasy 15. The game’s writing team’s composed of writers drawn from movies, TV, games, and fantasy lit, headed up by Gary Whitta. Whitta consulted on the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I’ll be interested to see if Forspoken’s demo contains any more of the Whedonspeak from the trailer released by Squeenix back in August.

Forspoken is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 24th, 2023. If you’re looking to pick it up then it’ll cost £65/$70/€80. We’ll let you know when more details of the demo are announced.

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