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Forspoken's demo is now available on PC

Maybe it's for you

It seemed a shame, given Forspoken's somewhat unusual system requirements, that its demo remained unavailable on PC. Well, that's no longer the case. As of today, you can now give Square Enix's Cuff-ing season action-adventure a whiz before you decide whether you want to pay £65/$70 for it.

You can grab the demo from Steam or from Epic. It requires 42GB of disk space.

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Forspoken has had mixed reviews this week, with critics lampooning its snarky dialogue, lamenting its empty open world, and la-criticising its story for only becoming engaging near its end. It has also become a big ol' social media dunk célèbre, leading to 'Mixed' Steam reviews even though most of the negative opinions are coming from people with 20 minutes of playtime.

Our own review is delayed because we didn't receive code, with Square Enix citing a day one patch as a reason for withholding PC copies. Alice B is playing it now - and the demo actually made her "surprisingly pumped for it". She event went as far as to say it seemed alright - or "aaaaallright".

It already seems inevitable that there will be stories two weeks from now about how Forspoken failed to meet Square Enix's sales expectations, but I do hope this turns out to be an enduring, unusual 7/10 that some people can base their personality around advocating for. That's the best kind of game! I'm not even joking.

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