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All Forspoken necklaces: Every necklace in Forspoken and its effects when worn

A full list of necklaces available in Forspoken along with the benefits of wearing each one

What is the best necklace in Forspoken? Forspoken protagonist Frey is notable for having unusual gear. Forget helmets and armor, this modern New Yorker gets her nails done when she needs a useful combat buff. Similarly, Frey's choice of necklace has a surprisingly important role to play in her loadout: far more than just an accessory, these jewels in fact grant Frey a variety of status buffs and other unique benefits when she wears them.

There are a lot of necklaces in Forspoken, and Frey only has one neck, so choosing the best necklace for your playstyle requires a bit of thought. On this page, we've listed every Forspoken necklace along with its effects and unlock conditions, to help you pick the best necklace gear for you.

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List of Forspoken necklace designs

Below are all the necklaces we've learned of so far in Forspoken:

Necklace name Effects Unlock conditions
Aslani Increases the effects of blue magic (Prav's signature) Shoal Pond completion reward
Balle Balle Increases the effects of purple magic (Frey's signature) The Place of Prayer completion reward
Combo N/A PC pre-order bonus
Home Sweet Hell Gives Frey's magical powers an all-round boost Purchase the sewing kit
Nadezhda Increases the effects of red magic (Sila's signature) Vivus Village completion reward
Naee Aasha Increases the effects of purple magic (Frey's signature) Complete side quest during Chapter 10
Nemeni Prisaha
  • Increases the effects of red magic (Sila's signature)
  • Health +5%
  • Defense +5%
  • Red Magic +2%
Complete side quest during Chapter 7
Oithur Increases the effects of green magic (Olas's signature) Ruins of Austur completion reward
Orison Auto-heals Frey after an enemy is defeated Locked Labyrinth: East completion reward
Phool Sa Increases damage output when fighting nightmares Thane Village completion reward
Sarka Increases the effects of red magic (Sila's signature) Ruins of Pagus completion reward
  • Damage is boosted when Surge Magic is not fully charged
  • Health +5%
  • Defense +5%
  • Red Magic +2%
Locked Labyrinth: Mountain completion reward
Sooth Boosts the damage dealt by Attack Magic when stamina is full Locked Labyrinth: South completion reward
Symbol Combo N/A PS5 pre-order bonus
Tesouro de Athia
  • Precision Counters electrocute enemies
  • Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily by Precision Counters
  • Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily
Fruegel Village completion reward
Troth Causes Killer Blows to charge Surge Magic. Then, when Surge Magic is fully charged, enemies are knocked to the ground more easily. Locked Labyrinth: Depths completion reward
Yavuz Gagnant Increases the effects of blue magic (Prav's signature) Colline Village completion reward

Most necklaces are unlocked by clearing combat challenges on the map, which are marked by a pink necklace icon. However, in a few instances necklaces are granted for completing side-quests or as rewards for other in-game actions.

There are also a pair of exclusive necklaces available only to people who pre-ordered the game. PC players get a necklace called simply "Combo", while PS5 owners get the similarly-named "Symbol Combo". Since they're bonuses, these necklaces don't seem to grant any particular special effects, and are instead just nice cosmetic extras to celebrate your early support of the game.

Best early-game necklace in Forspoken

Beyond a doubt, the Orison necklace is the strongest choice for early game gear in the necklace category. Its special effect allows Frey to auto-heal whenever she defeats an enemy, and is extremely valuable for passively taking care of your health while you focus on getting to grips with the combat system. When combined with the Pelerine cloak, it should all but remove the need to keep track of your health during the game's early chapters.

How to upgrade necklaces in Forspoken

You can upgrade any owned necklace at a crafting bench, given the right materials. Just be aware that every piece of gear has a limited number of upgrade slots, and although you can replace an existing upgrade if you find another you prefer, you can't stack them indefinitely.

Now that you know the full catalogue of necklaces at Frey's disposal, there are some other fashion choices that require your attention if you want to make the most of your Forspoken gear. Check out our guides to the best nail designs in Forspoken and best cloaks in Forspoken for advice on how to complete Frey's (literally) killer look.

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