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All Forspoken cloaks: Every cloak in Forspoken and its effects when worn

A full list of cloaks in Forspoken and the buffs they grant the wearer

What is the best cloak in Forspoken? Cloaks are a key component of protagonist Frey's gear in Forspoken. As perhaps the most traditional armor pieces Frey wears, it should come as no surprise that the status buffs and benefits conveyed by wearing cloaks are often defensive in nature, although this is not exclusively the case.

Still, it's a good idea to choose your cloak carefully to improve Frey's chances of escaping unscathed from combat, particularly in the early stages of the game. With many cloaks to choose from, selecting the best one for your playstyle requires some thought. On this page, we've listed every cloak from Forspoken along with its benefits and unlock requirements, to help you plan ahead and perfect your loadout.

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List of Forspoken cloaks

Below are all the cloaks we've learned of so far in Forspoken:

Cloak name Effects Unlock conditions
  • Damage reduced when Cuff blocks and you have full Stamina
  • Health +5%
  • Red Magic +2%
  • Purple Magic +2%
Ruins of Mercador completion reward
Bonifate Increases crit rate when Surge Magic is fully charged, and also causes crits to occasionally poison enemies. Locked Labyrinth: Field completion reward
Dauntless Damage reduced when Cuff blocks Brass Cavern Cave completion reward
Elite N/A PC pre-order bonus
  • Health +5%
  • Red Magic +2%
  • Purple Magic +2%
Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base completion reward
Faultless Improved crit rate when HP is high Molybdos Guild completion reward
Fearless Restores health when enemies are defeated Oxys Guild completion reward
Gracious Defense Boost when healing item is used Bhulna Villa completion rewards
Hooded Cloak
  • Crits can boost attack
  • Red Magic +2%
  • Defense +5%
Unlocked during Chapter 3
Judicious Protects Frey from being dazed Gyuzel Village completion reward
  • Surge Magic can absorb health from enemies
  • Red Magic +2%
  • Purple Magic +2%
Locked Labyrinth: Barrier completion reward
Monsterful Cuff's counters occasionally boost attack power Locked Labyrinth: Forest completion reward
No Limits N/A PS5 pre-order bonus
Pelerine Crits can restore health Purchase from a Trader
Puissant Enemy numbers boost Surge Magic recharge rate Locked Labyrinth: Cliff completion reward
Stranith Debuffs on Frey recover more quickly Purchase from a Trader
Unstoppable Attack Magic triggered during parkour deals extra damage Militis Academy completion reward
Valorous Cuff's blocks boost the recharge rate of Surge Magic Ligare Village completion reward

There are also a couple of cosmetic-only cloaks available as pre-order bonuses. Players who pre-ordered Forspoken on PC have exclusive access to the "Elite" cloak, while PS5 owners who pre-ordered can equip the "No Limits" cloak instead. Neither of these convey any unique buffs or benefits when worn, so don't worry too much if you missed out — they're mainly just there to be nice to look at.

Best early game cloak in Forspoken

For recommended early game gear in this category, you can't do much better than the Pelerine cloak. When wearing this cloak, Frey has the chance to regain a certain amount of health when landing a critical hit on an enemy, which is extremely valuable while you're still getting used to the game's combat system. When combined with the Orison necklace, it should all but remove the need to keep track of your health during the game's early chapters.

How to upgrade cloaks in Forspoken

You can upgrade any owned cloak at a crafting bench, given the right materials. Just be aware that every piece of gear has a limited number of upgrade slots, and although you can replace an existing upgrade if you find another you prefer, you can't stack them indefinitely.

Cloaks are an important part of Frey's loadout in Forspoken, but they're not the only gear items that can help improve your prowess in combat. Be sure to check out our guides to the best necklaces in Forspoken and best nail designs in Forspoken for more advice on how to complete Frey's literally all-important look.

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