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Project Athia is now Forspoken, and it's got a rad traversal system

Watch me call it for Forsaken forever

Square Enix have spent the past year occassionally teasing a new game codenamed Project Athia. Now we know it's actual name - Forspoken - and there's a new trailer below that introduces its protagonist. Which is all well and good, but the real stand-out here is its magical free-running movement.

Cover image for YouTube videoForspoken | Official Title Announcement | PS5 & PC

That moment looks like the dashing and wall-running from Warframe, but it's basically just superpowered free-running, so whatever. I love a good dash move, and doing that while tiptoeing on cliffs and trees looks great.

There's not a lot of other information to share. The game stars a young woman named Frey Holland, played by Charlie's Angels actress Ella Balinska, who must use magical abilities to fight beasties in the world of Athia.

Forspoken's name was revealed as part of tonight's Square Enix Showcase, but Project Athia was first shown in June last year, and has popped up since in trailers showing off the Luminous Engine that powers it. Both the engine and the game are made by Luminous Productions, a development studio owned by Square Enix and formed during the creation of Final Fantasy XV.

Forspoken is aiming for release sometime in 2022. I want so badly to call it "Forsaken" that I keep writing "Forspaken".

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