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Free-to-play racer Disney Speedtorm has been delayed until 2023

From the same developers as Dreamlight Valley

Kart racer Disney Speedstorm had a vague "2022" release date, but there's perilously little 2022 left. Developers Gameloft have now confirmed what you could have guessed: the game will now release sometime in 2023 instead.

"We have been working diligently to craft an amazing racing experience for Disney Speedstorm, capturing our vision of the exciting magic fans enjoy in their favorite Disney and Pixar characters and games," says the announcement. "With this in mind and after careful consideration, we have decided to delay the worldwide release of Disney Speedstorm to meet our expectations and provide players with a more immersive racing experience, customization offerings, game modes and more."

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Games not done, in other words. They also thank "fans who participated in the beta earlier this year", suggesting that perhaps the feedback is what made it clear to them that they weren't ready to release the game.

Disney Speedstorm is the work of Gameloft, the same developers responsible for the recent and similarly free-to-play Disney Dreamlight Valley. Given Gameloft's pedigree as a mobile game developer - and given the success of Mario Kart Tour and various Sonic kart racers on mobile - I'd guess Speedstorm will be similarly packed with unlocks and timed events and daily resource bonuses and ugh.

Yet I will still at least try a game in which Donald Duck can race against Meg from Hercules. Damnit. You can find more about Disney Speedstorm over on Steam.

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