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Cult Of The Lamb's first major update will overhaul combat to add depth

Plus revisions to difficulty, accessibility and quality of life

Cult Of The Lamb will get a "free major content update" sometime in 2023, which will focus on adding "depth, difficulty, accessibility and quality of life". Specifically, it's adding a new heavy attack for every single weapon in the game.

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"Along with fixes and improvements, we have been working on adding more depth to the game. Based on your feedback, this major content update will focus on combat and dungeon gameplay," says the latest development update from Massive Monster. To that end, you'll be able to press and hold the attack button for each weapon in order to perform a new "heavy attack".

The update offers a glimpse of three such heavy attacks: for the sword, a smash that knocks back multiple enemies; for the axe, a boomerang throw; for the dagger, the ability to rain knives from the sky. You can see GIFs of all three at the link above.

There's no exact ETA for the new features, but the post says that they're prioritising fixes for the "very start of the New Year", then dedicating their efforts on this new update.

It's not like we didn't already like Cult Of The Lamb's mix of roguelite dungeon combat and management sim. In his Cult Of The Lamb review, Ollie noted that the combat "doesn't just look great, it feels pretty good too". He did lament a lack of variety in character builds, though, so perhaps this new update will provide the answer.

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