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Cult Of The Lamb and Don't Starve Together cross over to celebrate each other's birthdays


Image split in two with a lamb from Cult Of The Lamb (left) and the guy from Don't Starve Together (right)
Image credit: Devolver Digital / Klei Entertainment

Videogame collaborations seem to be getting increasingly common and increasingly random. Nicki Minaj in Call Of Duty? Fortnite skins based on Mexican comedy shows from the 1970s? Pentiment characters in mediaeval strategy Inkulinati? Okay, that last one makes sense. But now, a team-up between management game Cult Of The Lamb and co-op survival gem Don’t Starve Together has joined the small club of fun but sensible crossovers. Games about cults and starving stick together, you know, so both games are celebrating each other’s birthdays with free updates.

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To mark its first anniversary, Cult Of The Lamb is getting a pretty substantial update that adds new music, decorations, and a follower, Webber, the wide-eyed spider from Don’t Starve. The update’s main attraction, however, is the new Penitence Mode that adds some survival elements - namely hunger and sleep gauges (for you personally; your cultists already had needs for you to take care of). Slap napping on your to-do list alongside indoctrinating animals.

Meanwhile, Don’t Starve Together is celebrating the series’ 10th birthday with an update that mainly adds lamb-themed cosmetics to the game, which I imagine makes main man Wilson even hungrier, though cosmetics might not inspire the same level of shear excitement. (Ba-bad Kaan, no more puns!) Regardless, the game was good enough to get onto RPS readers’ best survive ‘em ups list.

Our guides wrangler Ollie Toms had a blast playing with occult shish kebabs while modelling his entire cult around writers from the RPS Treehouse. It “absolutely oozes charisma and excitement at the tiniest opportunity, and it's hard not to be taken in by the loving attention to detail on display while you're playing,” Ollie wrote in his Cult Of The Lamb review.

Cult Of The Lambs is currently -35% off (£12.60/$16.20) on Steam. Meanwhile, Don’t Starve Together is enjoying a -66% off sale (£3.70/$5), also on Steam.

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