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Here are all the RPS supporter articles available to both Standard and Premium subscribers

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At the beginning of November, we announced we were going to write a bumper crop of supporter articles for the month to celebrate the launch of our new introductory offer on our monthly Standard subscriptions. Normally, these exclusive supporter articles are reserved for our Premium subscription tier, but because we wanted to give those Standard introductory folks a taste of what Premium has to offer as well, we decided to make a bunch of them visible to all subscribers.

About a week into November, we realised that we didn't have a very good way of flagging which of those articles Standard subscribers could actually read (our bad), and due to a combination of holidays, illness and general busy-ness, we completely failed to come up with a solution. Apologies! To remedy that, I've now listed all of them below. Enjoy!

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To reiterate, every article listed below can be read by both Standard and Premium supporters. If you're not a supporter, but would also like to get a flavour of the kinds of articles we write for the supporter program, have a glance through our From The Archive tag, where we've made a bunch of previously supporter-only articles public for everyone to see.

(Side note: we do intend to get back on track with making supporter articles fully public. We've just been bad at remembering. Apologies again!)

Equally, if you haven't ever subscribed to the RPS supporter program before, but would like the sample the articles below, our introductory 'Get your first month of Standard for £1 / $1' offer will be coming back very soon (our tech team are still busy swapping it back after running our Black Friday sale), so keep an eye on our sign-up page for more details.

For now, though, here's every supporter article that Standard subscribers might have missed from last month. Enjoy.

Paradise Marsh’s lo-fi landscapes will transport you to a new level of relaxation

Rachel dives into a bog full of curiosities with some hands-on impressions of LazyEti's chill bug catching game.

A close-up of Melina, an NPC character in Elden Ring.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

How will Soulslikes evolve now that Elden Ring has set the standard?

Ed doesn't think he could handle an Elden Ring 2...

Triangle Strategy is a turn-based tactics RPG originally launched on Nintendo Switch, coming to PC on October 13th, 2022.

Triangle Strategy is more cutscene than combat, but it modernises Tactics Ogre in all the right ways

Ahead of reviewing Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Katharine muses how Triangle Strategy might actually be the better Square Enix tactics RPG.

Leon from Resident Evil 4, with a big red circle around his face and a yellow arrow pointing at it. You know. Like YouTube thumbnails?

Here's a bunch of small details you may have missed from the recent Resident Evil 4 remake showcase

Liam goes nuts for Resi 4 Remake Easter eggs, hints, references and many other things!

A big pig roars under a cherry blossom tree in Wild Hearts.

Why BIG PIGs are the best kind of boss fight

Ed goes whole hog on the BIG PIGs in Koei Tecmo's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Team Ninja's Wild Hearts.

A dialogue screen with Peake, with their art on the left and text on the right overlayed over part of the Eye.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Fellow Traveller

Citizen Sleeper made me realise that I don't really need Starfield

Hayden reflects on his time with Citizen Sleeper and how it helped him process some of his anxiety.

Two shelves stacked with various gaming PC components and peripherals.

Everything bad that’s happened to me while testing PC hardware

James laments the trials and tribulations of testing PC kit for a living.

Atreus, Kratos's son, talking to a dwarven pal in God Of War Ragnarök

I'm playing God Of War Ragnarök and I need Atreus to shut up, just shut up, please stop talking

Alice Bee requests a gagging order on God Of War's noisy boy.

A collage of strange and interesting posts from Twitter bots.

I will miss the good Twitter bots after Twitter bursts

Alice0 chats about some of her favourite artistic and silly bots.

The player fires a minigun at a massive cyborg-ogre in Chasm: The Rift.

Twenty years later, I have completed the first level of Chasm: The Rift

Ed revisits Chasm: The Rift as it re-releases on Steam and finds his childhood nemesis in surprisingly good shape.

A Little To The Left is a cosy puzzler from Max Inferno.

Thanks to A Little To The Left, I can pretend I'm creative rather than messy

Alice Bee talks about her love for Max Inferno's cosy organising game (but she still won't tidy up, though).

Imelda clears a swath of enemies from the battlefield in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors-likes need to cut through the clutter

The recent Steam Next Fest was awash with Survivors-likes, and Ed played a bunch of 'em to see how they compare to the OG.

2022 has been a fantastic year for mystery games

Rachel loves a good sleuthing, and rounds up her favourite detective games of the year.

A screenshot of a young white woman with blonde hair and orangey-red leggings, sprawling in an armchair, from the game Nancy Drew: Midnight In Salem

I've spent two weeks trying to download a 3-year-old Nancy Drew game

Alice Bee is also desperate for more mystery games, but her efforts to get this Nancy Drew game working have been fraught, to say the least...

An Orc shaman stands next to a glowing green totem in the centre of Orgrimmar in World Of Warcraft: Classic.

World Of Warcraft's past magic lies buried in YouTube comments

As part of his deep-dive back into the World of WOW, Ed finds solace in the YouTube comments of ambient music channels.

Prior to this, we also made a bunch of Sin Vega's Scout Report indie recommendation columns available to all subscibers as well, which I've listed below:

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