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Grab NZXT's H510 Elite PC case for $80 after a 50% discount

A great-looking case that's easy to build in too.

The NZXT H510 Elite is a rather excellent mid-size case, offering beautiful visuals courtesy of its glass-heavy design and an easy build experience thanks to the company's long-ass history of case-building. The H510 Elite also comes with a controller for its integrated RGB lighting, so you can easily plug in other NZXT gubbins for a pretty sweet setup.

Anyway, why am I bringing this up? Of course, it's because the case is discounted on Amazon US, where it's been reduced to $79.99, exactly 50% off its $159.99 MSRP. Given that the case has been selling for $145 or higher outside of Black Friday, when it dipped to $100, this is a pretty awesome deal!

The H510 Elite is also a case that I happened to have used for many years and even reviewed for my own hobbyist website back in 2019. Building in this case is really straightforward, with plenty of space and straps for your cables on the back side, well-positioned holes for routing wires and a shroud that covers your PSU. I/O is a little disappointing - just one USB-C, one USB-A and a combo 3.5mm jack, 2x 3.5mm adapter provided - but it makes for a clean, attractive case all things considered.

The only downside to this case - and the reason that it's likely discounted - is that it flies in the face of the current trend towards well-ventilated cases from the likes of Corsair, Fractal Design and even NZXT themselves. The glass front means relatively little air intake in that area, with only modest side venting available to get the job done. This doesn't mean that your system will cook - I was able to run an RTX 2080 plus Ryzen 7 3700X build with no difficulties - but your temps will certainly be higher than with a more ventilated case, and I wouldn't recommend this for a very high-end system (eg Core i9 CPU, RTX 40-series GPU). Still, you can always run with the front off if you need to on hotter days, and I still rather like this case thanks to its other qualtiies - design, usability and build quality are all strong.

So: I hope this deal is of interest, and thanks for joining me once again! Now I'm going to get some more gold guns in Call of Duty, so see you later!

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