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Pick up a big tube of thermal paste for a little more than a fiver

Arctic's MX-4 is a great value option, now 40% off in the UK.

a cat sleeps under a (superimposed) photo of a tube of thermal paste
Image credit: Photo: Will Judd. Thermal paste: Arctic. CAUTION, not to scale.

Arctic's MX-4 thermal paste is my go-to choice for basically every system I own, from CPU/GPU test rigs to my own personal PC, so I felt that I should let you know that a hefty 8g tube of MX-4 is down to £5.87 on Amazon right now - a little more than 40% off its £9.99 RRP.

Thermal paste lasts for ages in the tube, so I like to have at least one full tube ready to go - you never know when a new processor will be announced and you have to spend the weekend swapping in the new models. More importantly though, it's generally a good idea to replace your thermal paste every few years, so if your system hasn't been touched since you built it ages ago, then it's worth checking your CPU temps to make sure you're still happy with them - and if not, a quick repaste should sort you out for another year or five!

There's not much more that needs to be said about thermal paste that hasn't already been covered in our lovely guide to CPU installation by the lovely and talented processorman James.

So: let me tell you about this cat I saw tonight. It followed my wife in when she got home from work, meowed at me, and went straight to the beanbag we keep next to the TV and made itself at home. I posted a quick video of it purring, then later it fell asleep. Here's what it looked like when it fell asleep:

A white cat called Dian Dian reclines on a bean bag.
Yes, it's the same picture as above, sans the thermal paste.

Aww, isn't that lovely? Now, where was I? Ah yes - thermal paste. This is the good stuff, it's much cheaper than usual and worth picking up if you're in the habit of building your own PCs.

Please share your own thermal paste stories / cat photos in the comments below. Thank you.

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