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Epic Games Store kicks off 15 days of free games with one of the best rated games (on Steam)

Bloons TD6 is free to keep right now

The Epic Games Store's Christmas sale is now underway, with discounts including 40% off FIFA 23, 25% off Spider-Man Remastered, and 100% off one new game each day for the next fifteen days. Each new free-to-keep mystery game will be revealed each day at 4pm GMT/8am PT/11am ET. Today's first game? Bloons TD6, a tower defense game that has over 200,000 positive reviews on, uh, Steam.

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I'm not referencing Steam for any other reason than it's a handy source of public opinion, I swear. But for real, Bloons TD 6 has an "overwhelmingly positive" rating and is 23rd on the list of Steam's top rated games. I've played it for around an hour and while tower defense isn't really my thing, it does have a devlishly more-ish dripfeed of unlockable powers. I'd assume this was a precursor to evil microtransaction implementation if everybody didn't seemingly like the game so much.

You've got around 21 hours left to grab Bloons TD 6 for free from the Epic Games Store and you can keep it forever once it's added to your account. It would normally cost £11. When the offer expires, a new freebie will be revealed via the Epic storefront.

There are some other decent discounts on recent games available in the Epic Games Store sale, including Goat Simulator 3 at 25% off, the (moderately maligned) recent Saints Row reboot at 45% off, and God Of War at 40% off. "Epic Coupons" have also returned this year, offering 25% off full games "when you spend $14.99 or more" according to Epic. The coupons are automatically applied to baskets which meet the criteria, and all coupons will expire when the sale ends on January 5th at 4pm GMT/11am ET.

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