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Street Fighter 6's second closed beta throws down on December 16th

Round two, FIGHT!

Another closed beta for upcoming thwack ‘em up Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to commence punching on December 16th, Capcom have revealed. This time around you’ll have a chance to jump into the colourful gi of eight more characters in online matches and tournaments, along with a few bug fixes and balance adjustments. Battling concludes December 19th. You can see some very burly Fight Streeters going toe-to-toe, and fist-to-face, by watching the trailer below.

Street Fighter 6's second closed beta is much the same as the first, but with more players.

Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Kimberly, Juri, and me ol’ mucker Ken Masters are on the chinning roster for this second closed beta. Character creation is up for grabs too, but you’ll only get one go for the beta. Try to make something memorable for when you KO the opposition. Six stages will be there for you to pick from too, including Metro City Downtown, Carrier Byron Taylor, which I assume is a big boat with planes on it, The Macho Ring (nice), and, erm, Training Room. Other than that, there’s now an option to reduce input delay, which Capcom say is handy for monitors with higher refresh rates.

The first closed beta was held in October, and Capcom have tweeted that everyone who took part in the first closed beta will automatically get a spot in the second. The number of players involved is higher this time to accommodate both the old and new faces. There’ll be a lottery to decide who gets an invite, and Capcom are changing the application process to prevent people reselling access codes like last time. Make sure to link a Capcom ID to your Steam account before you apply. You can read the full deets about Street Fighter 6’s second closed beta here.

Kung-fu master Katharine went hands-on with Street Fighter 6 back in September, and thought its simplified Modern Controls were a neat idea for new players. “It's a good feeling, though, being able to instantly crack these characters open and see what they're about,” she said, “and it feels like the most accessible Street Fighter game there's ever been.” I’m mostly just up for spinning some decks in the DJ booth, personally.

Street Fighter 6 strikes out on Steam in 2023, although there’s no firm release date confirmed. The game’s second open beta runs from 8am GMT on December 16th to 8am GMT on the 19th, for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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