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Street Fighter film coming from Dune and Detective Pikachu's production company

Hadoken on the big screen

Legendary Entertainment have secured the live-action film and TV licence to Street Fighter, according to a report from Deadline. The production company is currently developing a film, but Capcom are holding their baby tight and will be co-producing any future projects.

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Legendary are the production company behind recent blockbusters like Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong - both very fun flicks, in wildly different ways. The company have co-developed other video game adaptations too, including both good ones (Detective Pikachu) and bad ones (Dead Rising: Endgame, Warcraft). The upcoming film currently has no distributor or talent attached. Legendary have recently teamed up with big film studios like Warner Bros. and streaming services like Netflix, so a big-screen cinema release isn’t guaranteed for Ryu and the rest of the gang.

Capcom’s fighter has seen two other film adaptations, with 1994’s Street Fighter and 2009’s The Legend Of Chun-Li. In my mind, they’re nearly indistinguishable from the old dusty Mortal Kombat and Dead Or Alive flicks, although I think one of them had Kylie Minogue? If Capcom are looking for another big-name celeb, rapper Nicki Minaj is already a Chun-Li fan and would be perfect as the series' well-known "bad guy".

The next film should do much better on paper because, well, inflation. Also, Hollywood and filmmakers now seem to have a better understanding of games, their fans, and what audiences want to see from these adaptations. HBO’s The Last Of Us show and Netflix’s Arcane were both renewed for second seasons, big-screen blockbusters such as Sonic The Hedgehog and Uncharted made decent waves at the box office, and upcoming projects like Amazon’s Tomb Raider series and the Gears Of War film are roadie running into pre-production.

If you prefer your brawling with a controller in hand, then no worries. Street Fighter 6 is fast approaching, complete with an open-world mode, on June 2nd.

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