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Exoprimal is doing a crossover with Street Fighter 6 so you can punch dinosaurs real good

And perhaps more collabs to come?

A robotic version of Ryu from Street Fighter 6 as seen in the teaser for the Street Fighter 6 x Exoprimal collab
Image credit: Capcom

Futuristic dino-murder 'em up Exoprimal, in which hundreds of raptors fall on you from the sky, isn't out until July 14th. Gosh darn if that won't stop Capcom from crossing it over with Street Fighter 6, though. I mean why not? When you own a bunch of action figures you might as well bang 'em together! The teaser was revealed at Summer Game Fest tonight, which we are covering right now, and though Exoprimal is out kinda soon this collab itself isn't dropping until the vauge 'Fall 2023'.

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We didn't actually get much info on what the crossover will entail, although from the looks of the trailer it's most likely taking place in Exoprimal, replacing your battlemech-esque exosuits with one that looks like a robo-Ryu or Guile (extremely funny that Guile's haircut is recreated perfectly on his metal body). You can then punch/shoot a t-rex as your favourite street fightin' boy.

Theoretically it would be super easy to put those skins into Streetfighter as unlocks, right? And one shot did look like Ryu and an exosuit squaring up fighting game style to Hadoken at each other. But that's all speculation, and I'm just a humble games journalist slinging words for pennies a throw. What would a girl like me know about them fancy fighting boys (it's 8.30 pm and I'm already delirious).

Also of note is that this is "Capcom Collab 1", implying the existence of a future 2 or 3, or even bigger numbers! Interesting. We'll find out more later this year, and you'll find out more about Exoprimal, which looks like the sort of brilliant game that will sink because not enough of us play it, on July 14th. Liam is already a big fan.

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