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Exoprimal's roadmap reveals a crossover with Monster Hunter, meaning fantasy dinos are on the table

In addition to this year's Street Fighter crossover

Image credit: Capcom

Dino shoot ‘em up Exoprimal comes out this week, July 14th, so publisher Capcom have pulled the curtain on the game’s post-launch plans. The roadmap seems standard for a live-service shooter as it details plans for future modes, maps, and exo-suits variants used to murder formerly-extinct animals in increasingly creative ways. Thankfully, the post-launch plans do get slightly weirder with two crossovers: one with Street Fighter and another with Monster Hunter.

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Publisher Capcom revealed the roadmap at last night’s Exoprimal Showcase, which featured plenty of new footage, including the launch trailer above. Season 1 adds a new PvE mode called Savage Gauntlet two weeks after launch, offering tough late-game missions that rotate weekly. August’s weighty update then introduces alternate suit designs that come packaged with unique weapons.

Exoprimal's roadmap showing six images of upcoming content
Exoprima's roadmap | Image credit: Capcom

Season 2 then kicks off in “mid-October” and adds new missions, a map, and most importantly, exo-suits based on street fightin’ boys Ryu and Guile. Those suits recreate the fighter’s iconic hairdos and some moves like the always-satisfying Hadouken. Season 3 then begins early next year alongside that Monster Hunter event. While we don’t know much about the crossover, we can assume that the series’ giant beasts will probably show up to get punched/shot. If the Street Fighter event is introducing extra Exos (suits), Monster Hunter will probably add the Primals (beasts).

Exoprimal, for the uninitiated, follows a group of mech-suited warriors fighting against torrents of prehistoric dinosaurs. Very much a past versus future battle. Our Liam enjoyed the cool backflips and T-Rex rides in his Exoprimal preview. The rest of us can wait for the raining raptors while staring at the less cool-looking actual rain in real life.

Exoprimal comes out this Friday and will be available to buy for £50/$60/€60 on Steam and consoles. It will also drop onto Game Pass on the same day.

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