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Capcom making a game about mechs fighting dinosaurs

Check out the first trailer for Exoprimal

Battling a T. rex in an Exoprimal screenshot.
Image credit: Capcom

Capcom last night announced Exoprimal, a competitive multiplayer game about teams of mechs fighting dinosaurs. Well! As a big kid, those are some words I'm interested in alright. It's set in the near future, where mysterious Vortexes open in the skies to rain torrents of surprised dinosaurs, and we have to beat them back in exosuit mechs. These dinohordes remind me a bit of Earth Defense Force, maybe, and I'm certainly up for that.

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So, in the 2040s, Earth experienced a new form of precipitation: dinosaurs. With the help of a megacorp AI which forecasts dinorain, we drop into evacuated places to rap raptors on their snouts, take down triceratops, thwap pterosaurs, totally ruin tyrannosaurs, and so on. We've got exosuits, see, different classes of mechsuits (including one with phenomenal buttocks) with different attributes and abilities. And then we fight dinosaurs. But also try to beat rival dinobusters?

"In the game's main mode, Dino Survival, teams fight for every breath against countless dinosaurs while racing to complete missions before rival squads in 5v5 matches," Capcom explain. "A dynamic mix of objectives keeps players on their guard and ensures each match is different form the last. Exofighters will need to stay on their toes as hunts transition into precious cargo deliveries or desperate last stands against relentless assaults. Opposing teams are even given opportunities to tackle adversaries head-on and impede their progress."

I was expecting it to be PvEvP but I'm curious. That extra vP can add a lot of surprise and challenge. And if that's only the "main mode", maybe another might be more straightforwardly cooperative? Only a guess. But I'd be game for pure co-op.

Devs gab more in this here video:

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Exoprimal is due to launch in 2023 on Steam, as well as PlayStation 5, Xbox Xeriex XS, PS4, and Xbone. For now, the game's website has a little more info.

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