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No new seasonal content planned for ailing dino shooter Exoprimal

But everything that's currently available will remain

Battling dinosaur hordes in an Exoprimal screenshot.
Image credit: Capcom

Capcom have announced that there will be no further new live service content seasons for Exoprimal, the rad dino-slaying co-op shooter which everybody adored except for stinky RPS reviewer Edders, who branded it "dull repetition for most" and castigated the game for its "baffling disrespect for one's time". Are you reading this, Edders? Look what you did. Look what you did. I hope a massive planet-extinguishing asteroid flies out of nowhere and lands in your tea, you Triassic tryhard, you blundering diplodocus.

"With the release of Title Update 4, all planned Exoprimal seasonal content has been finished," reads a teary-eyed post on Capcom's official site. After the game's current, fourth season concludes on 11th July, the game will loop back to its first season, with season 2 to follow the month after. Exoprimal is, in other words, going into the live service equivalent of suspended animation, much like the velociraptors and other species of terrible lizard who erupt from portals within the game's rewindable testfire scenarios. You can follow the loop and plan your future visits to Exoprimaland using this schedule.

The developers are at pains to state that nothing is being taken away. "All gameplay modes will remain available to play," the post continues. "This includes the main Dino Survival mode, as well as endgame content such as Savage Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion." There will also still be online bot support in the event that Exoprimal's never hearty playerbase wilts away to nothing.

If I'm honest, I agree with many of Ed's arguments about Exoprimal's repetitiveness, and to be fair to Ed, there were a few things he liked. In an unusual gamble that evidently hasn't paid off, Exoprimal hides a lot of its more enjoyable multiplayer features and scenarios behind plot points, and the surprise of discovering them is all the greater for the mild tedium of getting there, though I had a lot more fun with the Overwatchy class dynamics than Edders did. Perhaps if Exoprimal had sold better, Capcom could have taken some similar risks with the seasonal updates, rather than just adding skins from other Capcom games and glaring silently whenever anybody utters the words "Dino Crisis reboot". I guess we'll never know.

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