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Exoprimal, Capcom's frenzied mechs vs dinosaurs game, is having a closed network test

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Image credit: Capcom

When Capcom announced Exoprimal, an action game devised by your six-year-old self where players jump into badass exosuit and then machine-gun roiling hordes of dinosaurs, Alice0 believed that you fought the big lizard-birds with the help of an AI. In a new trailer and deep dive from tonight's Capcom Showcase we learned that in fact the dino-rain is happening because of the AI. It is running combat tests with humans by, er, opening huge wormholes in the sky and dumping hundreds of dinosaurs on us like so many plastic toys.

If this concept sounds as incredible to you as it does to many of us in the RPS treehouse, then you can sign up for an upcoming closed network test here. Entry is open until the 30th of June, and to avoid disappointment make sure you take note of the entry requirements.

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In fairness this does not seem to be an extinction event, just a company that designs combat exosuits getting a clearly malevolent AI to test them on a remote island. With dinosaurs. And you! Exoprimal is a multiplayer (online only) game for up to ten people, with a number of different PVE and PVP missions on offer. Capcom are running the closed network test to, well, test the game - presumably not at the direction of an evil computer.

Unlike you (I assume) the humans taking part in the tests in Exoprimal are equipped with extremely powerful exosuits, which make them strong and cool enough to wade straight into swarms of dinosaurs like they were nothing more than a load of angry hens. Suits are divided into assault, tank and support types, and today we saw a couple of the assault suits in action. The Barrage suit is a bit chonkier, while Vigilant is a equipped with a railgun for long range sniping.

Other cool things about Exoprimal: the AI Leviathan appears as either an ominous tentacled drone floating around alongside you or a BIG PORCELAIN-WHITE FLOATING FACE like an evil Zordon off of power rangers. The AI's voiceover is also delightfully horrible, describing all the stuff about humanity that it's studying.

I am all over how sincerely silly everything in Exoprimal is. You're fighting loads of dinosaurs! In mechs! What, did you think it was going to have a Shakespeare soliloquy? "Humans. Fight and die for me" not good enough for you? More games to be less self-conscious, please. Watch out for the full Exoprimal releasing some time next year

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