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Exoprimal deploys its mechs vs. dinos action in July, with an Open Beta next week

Also launching into Game Pass

Image credit: Capcom

Looks like we won’t need to wait until Exoprimal’s 2040 setting to play the game, as Capcom’s live service dino-hunter is releasing on July 14th, now with a day one Game Pass launch. If that still seems like too long a wait, Capcom are holding an open beta test next weekend starting from March 17th at 00:00 GMT until March 19th 23:59 GMT. Capcom announced the news during their Spotlight livestream, where they showcased many upcoming games including Resident Evil 4’s remake and its brand-new demo.

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The Open Beta will feature the game’s main mode Dino Survival, a wave-based mode where players team up against a torrent of raptors. Players can join the mechs vs. dinos action with friends across systems as the Beta includes cross-play.

The showcase's footage seemed just as off-the-wall whacky as you’d expect from a game about raining raptors and badass adult Power Rangers. The new story trailer (above) teased the time-bending threats of the A.I. Leviathan, and introduced some of the characters behind the chunky Exosuits. Our peaks at Exoprimal’s combat were just as frantic, but tasty nevertheless. We saw two new mech models: the tank-like Krieger who’s equipped with heavy artillery, and Nimbus, a roller-skating support type that can rush over and heal squadmates.

Looking at Exoprimal’s trailers and screenshots can be mightily overwhelming, though. There are almost more dinos on screen than there are pixels, and the poor raptor’s corpses cover the floor in a disorderly mess. That sounds like the appropriate amount of chaos for a game about a dino-filled black hole, but if you want to find some meaning behind the madness, you can check out Liam’s preview where he calls it “tremendous fun.”

We also got a quick look at the Survival Pass (aka a Battle Pass) that has both a Free Tier and a Premium Tier with a bunch of rewards. Season One’s Premium Tier has 19 Exosuit skins and 10 weapon skins, although there’s no word on pricing just yet.

It won't be long before we find out, as Exoprimal's futuristic-prehistoric action is releasing on July 14th for PC Steam, PlayStations, and Xboxes, alongside a day one Game Pass release. You can pre-order the game now on Steam for £50/€60/$60.

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