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Resident Evil 4's "chainsaw demo" is out now and has no time limit

Play the horror opening as much as you like

Resident Evil 4's remake launches in just a couple of weeks on March 24th. If even that is too long to wait, you're now in luck: Capcom just released a demo. It features an early section of the game and no time limit.

Capcom announced the demo during a livestream this evening, which featured news from several Capcom games. You can watch the entirety of the presentation below, with the Resident Evil 4 part appearing near the end, around the 35m 50s mark:

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They're referring to the trial as the "Chainsaw Demo". It's set during the opening sequence of the game in which Leon first steps into a village in Europe and is beset upon by the undead. The demo's Steam page, from which it can be downloaded, says that it's a "specially tuned version" of the area just for the demo.

The demo's arrival isn't a surprise, after its existence was leaked earlier today by some premature adverts on Twitch.

If you've never understood what all the fuss is about over Resident Evil 4, I suggest reading Rich Stanton's review of the HD release from back in 2014. There's no better person to explain to you what made it special.

If it's information about the remake you want, check out Liam's expert excavation below:

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