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Resident Evil 4 remake's promised demo might be arriving tonight after Capcom's Spotlight stream

Reports of rogue early Twitch ads suggest demo is "available now"

When Capcom showed off their latest Resident Evil 4 remake trailer the other week, they promised a playable demo would be coming ahead of the game's launch on March 24th. At the time, no date was given for when the demo might be arriving, but thanks to some seemingly early Twitch ads doing the rounds today, it would appear that Resi 4 demo will be coming later today - presumably once Capcom's Spotlight Showcase stream has wrapped up this evening. Here's hoping it will also be available on PC, and not just PlayStation this time.

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Capcom's Spotlight Showcase takes place at 2.30pm PT / 10.30pm GMT today over on YouTube, and promises 26 minutes of updates on Resi 4, Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Rise, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

However, various streamers have been reporting this morning that they've been served Twitch ads for the Resident Evil 4 remake demo, saying it's "available now" - and given we're mere hours away from Capcom's Spotlight stream, I wouldn't be surprised if, yes, the Resi 4 remake demo does indeed drop later on today.

After all, Capcom did exactly the same thing with the demo for Resident Evil Village a couple of years ago. Except that demo was only available for Playstationeers at first, with the PC and Xbox demo arriving later. Fingers crossed Capcom will see sense to release the demo across all platforms this time, as cor, Leon's hair is just too damn shiny to confine to consoles.

Vid bud Liam recently had another chance to apply his Resi 4 mega brain to some new footage of the upcoming remake, and found 17 new nugget details to stuff into his "What are ya buyin'?" trenchcoat and present to you in a series of audio-visual pocket treasures. It's a great watch, although be warned, as there are obviously spoilers aplenty in there.

In any case, we'll be reporting on all the news from Capcom's Spotlight stream later on, so check back later for more announcements.

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