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Rashid spin kicks into Street Fighter 6 later this month

Returning as the game's first post-launch fighter

Rashid does a spin attack, surrounding himself in a whirlwind in a screenshot from Street Fighter 6
Image credit: Capcom

Rashid whirlwind kicks his way onto Street Fighter 6's roster on July 24th, publisher Capcom have announced. The airbourne brawler originally popped up in Street Fighter 5 but he’s now Street Fighter 6’s first post-launch fighter, automatically available to owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the game. Otherwise, you can grab the Year 1 Character Pass on Steam to access Rashid and three more fighters over the next year. Check out the newcomer’s combos below:

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Every post-launch character in the game adds new goodies across the three main modes. In World Tour, you can meet Rashid, train under him, and apply some of those cool flying kicks to your own custom moveset. Or you can play as Rashid himself in the Fighting Ground. For Battle Hub players, Rashid-related gear and emotes are available in the new fighting pass, which is this game’s version of - you guessed it - a battle pass. That battle pass does give you access to a one-hour free trial for Rashid, though.

Rashid’s moveset is heavy on the legwork, as the beefcake literally kicks up a storm. Moves can conjure up whirlwinds and tempests which you can then follow up with airborne combos, mainly via various spinning kicks and athletic handsprings. I’m sure getting endlessly juggled across the air is very fun for whoever’s getting beat up.

Lewis Parker praised the game for its approachability and Yakuza-style open world in his Street Fighter 6 review. “I’m extremely excited to see what the next year of content updates can do for a game that already feels this mechanically polished at launch,” Lewis wrote. The next updates welcome newcomer A.K.I to the roster later this year, before returning characters Ed and Akuma join the fray in 2024.

Street Fighter 6 is available to purchase for £50/$60 on Steam and consoles. There’s also a free demo available to try as well.

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