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You can try Street Fighter 6's open world mode in next week's demo

UPDATE: The demo is available on PC now!

Update: PC friends, the Street Fighter 6 demo is available on Steam now, meaning you can roam the streets of Metro City and beat up strangers to your heart's content.

Good news road brawlers! Capcom held a livestream for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 last night - hosted by lifelong fan Lil’ Wayne - and it delved deep into the game’s customisable avatars, post-launch support, and open-world World Tour mode. Oh, there’s also a demo available next week that’s more focused on singleplayer stuff.

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The demo is currently available on PlayStations and will come to PC and Xbox on April 26th, starting at 8am BST/9am CEST (thanks, Sony.) The demo lets you create your own avatar before dipping into the first few moments of World Tour, and if you get attached to your custom troll-looking fighter, you can transfer them over to the full game. You'll also be able to test out Luke and Ryu's moves in the tutorial.

The rest of the livestream showed off more from the World Tour mode. Essentially, you can enrol your custom avatars to learn special moves under the 18 launch characters, and doing so will unlock those fighter’s special moves. So you can mix and match between iconic abilities like Ken’s hadoken and Zangief’s screw piledriver to create a sort of Frankenstein’s Monster of Street Fighter moves, before using those loadouts in multiplayer battles. There’s also some light RPG fluff courtesy of a skill tree, and you can take a look at the new Nayshall location in the video above.

Street Fighter 6’s first year will bring four playable characters: SF5’s Rashid is coming this summer, newcomer A.K.I joins this autumn, Ed comes back in “early winter”, and old-timer Akuma returns next spring. All post-launch characters will join World Tour as masters who can teach you special moves and this trailer teases some of their new designs.

Katharine previewed the fighter last year and rather enjoyed Ken’s sad dad bod while also calling it the most approachable game in the series so far, which is good news for newcomers hoping to join when Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2nd. Outside of mashing buttons on a few arcade cabinets, I’ve never been a massive SF fan, so I’m more excited for the upcoming Street Fighter film being co-produced by Capcom.

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