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HBO's The Last Of Us is getting a second season

And the first episode is free now on YouTube

HBO's adaptation of The Last Of Us has been renewed for a second season, after just a handful of episodes have aired. If you haven't seen any of it so far, you can also now watch the entire first episode for free via YouTube.

The first episode was uploaded to YouTube by SkyTV, who air the show in the UK. I'll embed it here:

Watch on YouTube

News of the renewal was announced via Twitter. It's not unusual for HBO, a cable network who rely on subscription revenue, to renew shows early in their runs in instances where there's critical buzz, and the critical response to The Last Of Us has been glowing.

While the first season reportedly covers the first game, show co-creator Craig Mazin has said that he thinks they need at least two seasons to cover the events of The Last Of Us: Part 2. You need a lot of time to fully explore all the dog murder.

If you prefer your zombie survival interactive, The Last Of Us: Part 1 is headed to PC Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 3rd.

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