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The Last Of Us: Part 1 has another new patch with a set of performance improvements

And crash bug fixes

The Last Of Us Part 1 launched on PC a little over a week ago in a less than adequate state. It has been heavily criticised for bugs, crashes and performance issues in the days since, despite several patches.

Now there's another new patch,, which Naughty Dog say "addresses some crashes, improves performance in some areas, and fixes several gameplay and UI issues including some animation, texture, and lighting bugs."

Naughty Dog made the comment in a tweet:

The full patch notes mentions a fix for a crash during first shader loads, which was a common complaint at launch, as well as for two other crashes. There are also performance improvements to texture streaming to cut reduce on CPU usage, fixes for a dozen or more visual glitches, and some Steam Deck specific improvements.

The Last Of Us: Part 1 is currently rated as "unsupported" by Valve's own Steam Deck verification process. James did his own testing and found it impossible to get even a consistent 30fps. That seems unlikely to be changed by this latest patch, but it's a small step in the right direction.

Naughty Dog say that they and porting company Iron Galaxy are "continuing to watch and investigate player reports," and they're still working on "future improvements and patches, including a mouse jitters fix."

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