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The Last Of Us: Part 1 has been delayed by a few weeks on PC

It'll now arrive at the end rather than start of March

HBO's The Last Of Us television series has reportedly increased the player count for The Last Of Us on console, years after its original release. It stands to reason that there might be increased interest in the looming PC release, too, but you'll have to wait a few extra weeks. Naughty Dog announced yesterday that their shroomy shooter has been delayed.

It'll now arrive on March 28th. Naughty Dog tweeted the news in traditional fashion:

"We initially announced The Last Of Us Part 1 PC release would be March 3, but we've decided to push its launch date out by just a few weeks; it will now be released on March 28," begins the statement. It goes on to say that they've loved seeing the reaction to the TV series, and that they therefore "want to make sure that The Last Of Us Part 1 PC debut is in the best shape possible.

"These additional few weeks will allow us to ensure this version of The Last Of Us lives up to your, and our, standards."

Part 1 is a remake/visual upgrade of the original Last Of Us. It released on PlayStation 5 last year and we've consequently already seen plenty of it. It looks as nice as a grim post-apoc murderfest can.

The TV show, meanwhile, has been a smash hit and has already been confirmed for a second season, although its co-creator wants at least three.

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