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Here's 7 minutes of The Last Of Us: Part 1's remake

Which is coming to PC soon-ish

The Last Of Us Part I's remake is heading to PlayStation 5 on September 2nd, which I assume is of modest interest if you want to play Joel and Ellie's story over from the beginning with prettier graphics. It's more interesting to us in PC land because it'll be the first time the heart-and-zombie smasher makes its way to PC - albeit "very soon" after its console release.

Below, a new seven-minute clip of the remaster in action.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Last of Us Part I: Gameplay | Bill's Town

Well, it does look better than the original, and better than the PlayStation 4 remaster, which I suppose means mission accomplished.

The Last Of Us tells the story Joel and Ellie as they navigate the post-zombied United States. Players take control of Joel, whose job it is to hide behind low cover and to shoot, stab and stomp on inflatable balloon people stuffed full of red soup. You're assisted by Ellie, whose job it is to hide behind low cover, reach things Joel can't, and to be The Feelings. Tragedy girl and her murder Dad will soon be the subject of an HBO show, too.

Sony haven't yet said when the game will come to PC, only that it would and soon. It's part of their ongoing efforts to bring all the first-party PlayStation exclusives to PC several years after their initial launch. Most recently, that saw Spider-Man Remastered come to PC earlier this month.

I've never played The Last Of Us and despite so many people raving about it for so many years, I struggle to muster any enthusiasm for playing it now. I am glad it's going to have a home on PC, all the same.

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