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The Last Of Us: Part 1's PC port is being ripped apart by Steam reviewers

Crashes and performance issues

Released earlier today, The Last Of Us: Part 1's long-awaited PC port is being torn apart in Steam reviews. It currently sits at a "Mostly Negative" rating after nearly 3000 reviews, with players reporting regular crashes and plentiful performance issues.

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"The single worst PC port I have ever seen," reads one review. "Waited 10 years for the game, avoiding any and all walkthrough videos, reviews, spoilers and etc. and this disgusting excuse of a port ruined every single ounce of excitement I had for the game."

"Crash counter: 12," reads another by a player with four and a half hours of playtime.

Several players in the Steam reviews and in the The Last Of Us Reddit community are reporting issues with shaders specifically, with the game taking a long time to build them at launch and crashing during the process.

The Last Of Us: Part One was delayed by a few weeks back in February, with Naughty Dog saying the extra time would allow them to make sure the "PC debut is in the best shape possible" and "lives up to your, and our, standards." Sony did not provide us with review code for the port in advance.

Sony have released several PC ports over the past two years, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God Of War and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, with most of them launching in good condition.

The Last Of Us has a lot of new fans after the huge success of HBO's television adaptation. Season one just wrapped up and it's getting a second season.

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