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Phoebe "Fleabag" Waller-Bridge is writing a Tomb Raider TV show for Amazon

Amazon plans to build a "connected world" between the games, TV, and film

Lara Croft has seen her fair share of live-action adaptations, but this time she’s raiding the small screen with a Tomb Raider TV series and a film in development at Amazon. THR reported that the Emmy-winning Fleabag writer Pheobe Waller-Bridge is set to pen (and executive produce) the upcoming show, though there's no word on who's attached with the film. THR states that Amazon is looking to "build out a connected world of Tomb Raider, with the video game, TV series and film." This sounds a little ambitious, considering that Crytal Dynamics' game is already in production, so we'll have to wait and see how the adaptations interact with the games.

Cover image for YouTube videoPowerWash Simulator | Tomb Raider Special Pack Release Date | Square Enix Collective | [PEGI] EN
Tomb Raider's next adaptation will be in PowerWash Simulator

Waller-Bridge is best known for her comedy-drama, but she’s no stranger to writing action-oriented projects, including the most recent James Bond flick and the first season of Killing Eve. Amazon haven’t cast the role of Lara just yet, but Waller-Bridge isn’t planning on grabing the dual pistols herself, although I would’ve quite liked to see her pulling an awkward face after accidentally decimating a centuries-old tomb. Tomb Raider’s 2001 and 2018 films put Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander in Lara’s shoes, so I’ll be excited to see who they get this time around. All this, by the way, may or may not relate to the Tomb Raider anime Netflix have the works.

Amazon is all aboard the Tomb Raider train, as they’re publishing Crystal Dynamic’s next game in the series, too. We’re not sure if the next Tomb Raider will follow Crystal Dynamic’s latest trilogy, which ended with Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. All we really know about the next game is that it’s a single-player narrative adventure built on Unreal Engine 5 - which you could've worked out without being told.

Tomb Raider’s hopped between a few companies as of late. Last year, Embracer Group bought the IP and Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix - along with Deus Ex, Eidos Montreal, and more. It’s become a little impossible to track all of Embracer’s recent purchases, since they seem to acquire a new studio every other month. Most recently, they bought the entirety of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth franchise. One ring to own them all, I guess.

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