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Celeste devs announce gorgeous new platformer Earthblade

The platformer will be out sometime in 2024

Celeste developers Extremely OK Games have announced their new game at The Game Awards this evening, and it looks like they've gone in a new direction from their previous tough-as-nails platformer. Earthblade is a high-fantasy exploration game that takes place in a ruined world with magic and monsters. It looks pretty cool, so check out the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoEarthblade - Game Awards Reveal

From the game's trailer and Steam page, Earthblade looks like it's keeping some of Celeste's platforming and 2D pixel art but they'll be a bigger focus on "challenging" combat. Let's not take that challenging descriptor lightly after having our collective butts kicked by Celeste's 'challenging' platforming, either. It's not quite clear what combat entails just yet, but we can see the game's horned protagonist get up close and personal with enemies with some rapid slashing attacks.

Story details are light too. All we know is that the game follows Névoa, a "child of Fate" returning to Earth, which is in a bit of a state. There are giant bugs, weird green ninja dudes, bouncing balls of mossy goop, and hooded knights with giant ghost swords. It barely looks like Earth, honestly, so I'm looking forward to finding out what happened. My money is on human ecological self-destruction or something equally as grim.

No firm release date for Earthblade yet, but we do know it'll be released sometime in 2024.

For more of the latest news and trailers, check out our Game Awards 2022 hub. We also live-blogged the show as it happened right here.

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