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$101 for a 2TB SATA SSD is kind of wild

And it's TeamGroup's Vulcan Z model, a TLC drive.

Teamgroup's T-Force Vulcan Z SSD isn't the most well-known drive, but it offers some pretty solid value for money - especially when the capacious 2TB model is reduced to a shade over $100 at Amazon US. That's a nice $69 reduction from its MSRP and an excellent value for a drive of this size and spec.

So what do you need to know about the Vulcan Z? Most importantly, this is a TLC SATA drive without a DRAM cache, putting it between the cheapest SSDs - QLC SATA drives without a DRAM cache - and higher-grade SATA SSDS - which have TLC NAND and a DRAM cache. That means you get better longevity than those QLC drives, at a slightly higher asking price, but without the sustained performance advantage provided by DRAM cache models.

That makes this drive ideal for use as game or media storage, but it could be used for a primary drive in a lower-end desktop or laptop without any difficulties. Of course, faster SSDs for gaming do exist, and we'd recommend an NVMe drive for those that have a free slot in their rig due to the higher sequential and random performance it unlocks... but sometimes an older-style SATA drive like this one is just the best option available.

In any case, it's hard to find an TLC-based drive of this size for this low a price. Most options on Amazon US are around the $160 to $200 mark, with only rarities like the Crucial P3 (a QLC DRAM-less drive) flitting in at $120 for a 2TB model. So at the $100 mark, this is a pretty awesome deal!

I hope you found this discount SSD deal useful; feel free to leave your comments below and I'll see you tomorrow for more deals!

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