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Remnant 2 features a big mouth on legs, and I’m a little scared

The announcement trailer shown at The Game Awards is packed with evil critters

Evil’s not very nice, is it? Good job you’re around to give it a jolly good thwacking in action-survival game Remnant 2, a sequel to Remnant: From The Ashes announced during The Game Awards tonight. Your do-gooder can play solo or team up to sort out some pretty unpleasant monstrosities with up to two pals. Have a glance at the trailer below to see some very creepy beasties, and hear someone absolutely wail on their axe.

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Remnant 2 tasks you with saving humanity from some proper unpleasant monsters.

The Remnant series hails from Darksiders devs Gunfire Games, and Remnant 2 chucks you into a world packed with nasty things to save the last remaining, erm, remnants of humanity. Doing that means you’ll be shooting up evil beings in third-person, and juggling quest lines with searching up loot. It’s okay though, because your knight in slightly tarnished armour has a whole bunch of weapons and augmentations to help them bust some heads.

Gunfire say Remnant 2’s dungeons are “dynamically generated”, and that the game’s stories are spread throughout different worlds to encourage people to explore and revisit areas. Remnant’s archetype system, basically its classes, has been updated for more flexibility and to make combining your efforts better for co-op adventuring. I think I’d need some mates along for the trip through Remnant 2’s worlds, particularly for that unsettling, charging mouth on legs in the trailer. You can read more about Remnant 2 here.

Remnant 2’s heading to Steam in 2023, but it’s a ‘coming soon’ for now. It’ll also be out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Check out the rest of our coverage of The Game Awards, I promise there aren't any more gaping maws running around.

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