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Remnant 2 could get a Survival mode, and Gunfire's president already has ideas for "future games"

"Maybe not exactly like Survivor, but something that scratches the same itch."

An armoured challenger faces off against a bulky, axe-wielder in a fiery hellscape from Remnant 2.
Image credit: Gearbox Publishing

My Remnant 2 character is dangerously close to joining the vast pantheon of characters I've left in limbo, just after completing the tutorial - a race of outcasts we might call the Abandonians, kicking their heels at campfires and savepoints, while I drift guiltily back to older games I've already completed several times over. It's not that I dislike Gunfire's sci-fantasy co-op shooter - the multiple-dimension premise is pleasantly loopy, and I like the variety of procgen landscapes. There just aren't enough hours in the day, not when I'm replaying Into The Breach for the 14th time. Still, perhaps the introduction of a new mode built for quickfix, story-free sessions could persuade me to give 2023's 24th best game another whirl?

Gunfire Games president David Adams has been chatting to Exputer about all things Remnant, or at least all things Remnant that aren't under NDA. Amongst other things, the interview covers the potential reintroduction of Survival mode from Remnant: From The Ashes, a DLC roguelike experience in which you start out with a Repeater Pistol and some scrap, scooping up new kit and experience by completing random locations in the face of increasing resistance.

Will Gunfire bring it back in Remnant 2? Or will they make something new? "Right now, we are focused on the second DLC we're working on," Adams told the site. "That's the 'official' answer. The 'unofficial' answer is we would love to explore a new game mode. Maybe not exactly like Survivor, but something that scratches the same itch."

He added that Gunfire are "pretty organic" in their plans for Remnant 2. "For instance, the Aberration event we did in October wasn't some master planned update; it was something we tried out that we thought would be cool, so we released it to the players for free. The short answer is: who knows? We love the game and want to keep adding stuff to give more value to our players."

Remnant's first DLC, the Awakened King, came out in November, and is the recipient of a Mixed user rating on Steam. Some players have taken issue with the "re-use" of an existing area, Losomn, as the setting. Will Gunfire add brand new worlds in future Remnant 2 DLC packs, Exputer asked?

"We do plan to expand the existing worlds through DLC, but that doesn't mean that's all we are planning to do," Adams said. He refused to be drawn further, but did hint at the end of the interview that some of his ideas for additional Remnant 2 worlds could become the foundation for future games.

"The one thing I love about Remnant is that you can go through that Crystal and end up anywhere," Adams said. "It's like OG Star Trek, where they would show up at some new world, and it could be anything. I have a few ideas in mind, but since they will likely show up in future games, I can't divulge them."

Do you have any particular games you feel bad about not playing? It's a terrible thing, experiencing a sense of emotional obligation towards a bunch of noughts and ones. I feel especially wretched about my Starfield character Mary Read, who is currently stuck in a broken simulation at the mercy of overclocked inertial forces. At least my Remnant 2 character has a dog to keep her company.

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