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The Razer Viper Ultimate is down to $60 with its fancy charging dock

An awesome deal on my personal gaming mouse.

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a legendary ultralight mouse, offering bulletproof wireless, optical switched buttons, a convenient charging dock and a lightweight 74 gram design. That's probably why this ultra-premium option launched at an eye-watering $149.99 when it debuted three years ago. Now though, Amazon are offering the Viper Ultimate for its lowest ever price, just $59.99, fancy charging dock included. This is an awesome deal - and I'm not just saying that because I use this mouse every day (and have done for years).

So: the Razer Viper Ultimate. There are a lot of reasons why this mouse has just steadfastly remained on my desk despite a parade of other gaming mice arriving regularly for review. The shape is key, I think - despite the low weight, ideal for competitive gaming, the ambidextrous shape is suitable for a wide range of hand sizes, and side buttons on left and right mean that it can be used by left and right-handers equally comfortably.

Within, if you had x-ray vision you could see optical mouse switches that are faster to be registered than traditional mechanical switches; on the bottom, there's a compartment for the 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle and gold pogo pins for the charging dock. There's also a Micro USB port (and associated super-flexible charging cable), but if you have the dock then this is a more convenient option, as you can just plunk the mouse down between games (or when you step away from your PC) and come back to a fully topped-up mouse.

Looking at the Amazon price graph, this mouse has been selling for $100 for most of 2021, before dropping to the $80 mark for November and then $75 for Black Friday. Therefore, this $60 asking price is a new historic low, and significant improvement on the $100+ it's cost for most of its life.

You don't have to take my word for it either. There are scores of positive reviews for the Viper Ultimate online, and the mouse remains a Razer flagship to this day - nothing has surpassed it.

For more info on the shape and some of its other features, check out our review of the wired model, or for alternatives, check out our roundup of the best gaming mice. For real though, this is better than most of the mice on that list - and certainly a way better value. Just don't tell James I said that.

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