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Microsoft could introduce a cheaper, ad-supported Game Pass tier

Or delay access to first-party games by six months after they launch

Microsoft may be considering a lower-priced tier of their Game Pass service, with a few adjustments from the current standard options. A Spanish-language survey shared on ResetEra has allegedly shown the company asking current subscribers whether they’d be up for cheaper Game Pass for PC and console, if that reduction came with a delay for first-party games or running ads. It’s worth taking this with a heavy pinch of salt though, as there’s no confirmed source to the survey.

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Along with mentioning the Game Pass family plan that was rumoured for some time before being confirmed in September, the survey also talks of advertising and a six-month delay on games that come to the service. The pricing for the lower cost tier is given as €2.99. That’s very cheap, considering PC Game Pass costs £8/$10/€10. For the moment though, PC Game Pass includes launch day access to Microsoft’s first-party games and no advertising. According to the survey, the new tier would also not include access to cloud streaming for PC, console and mobile devices.

The possibility of cheaper, ad-supported Game Pass memberships has cropped up at the same time as rumblings that Microsoft are brainstorming the technology to add personalised in-game ads into their streaming service. A patent filing uncovered by Gamesual shows a couple of different options for where the technology might be applied. Along with the potential for future video ads streamed to locations in a game, the patent also mentions ads slapped onto parts of characters such as their “chest, arms, shorts, and socks”. You can check the patent out here.

Would you be comfortable sitting through a bunch of ads if it meant cheaper PC Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.

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