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Steam Replay offers a Wrapped-style recap of your 2022 in gaming

Your year in graphs

Valve have launched Steam Replay, their own equivalent to Spotify Wrapped. It offers you a single page covered in graphs and diagrams which illustrate how you spent your time on Steam in 2022. Me? 30% of my total playtime was spent in Spelunky 2, and I played 41 different games over the course of the year. How about you?

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You can check your own Steam Replay by heading here and signing in with your Steam credentials. All the stats are then offered on a single page, with options to share individual charts or the entire page. It's nicely formatted and there's some interesting data in the mix.

Of the 41 games I played in 2022, for example, 55% were games released this year. That's compared to an average of 17% for the broader Steam database. Just 4% of the games I played were more than 8 years old, compared to a 19% average for everyone else.

Vampire Survivors took up 17% of my total playtime of Steam games for the year, but 100% of that time was in January 2022. One of my favourite pieces of data let's you view all the games you played on a timeline, letting me see that I played Vampire Survivors, Cyberpunk 2077 and Jump King in January, and Cyberpunk 2077, Unpacking, Olli Olli World and Grapple Dog in February.

It's a neat way to revisit and reflect on your year in PC gaming. I play a lot less than I used to (and most of what I play is on Switch), but I was still surprised I played as much on Steam as I did. For a point of comparison, Katharine tells me she played 131 games on Steam this year.

How about youse? Share your Replays in the comments. I'm curious.

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