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Pretty bicycle adventure Season is out in January after some internal studio trouble

On yer bike, following an internal investigation this year

The main character of Season: A Letter To The Future sitting cross legged in a field, with a woman in a yellow uniform and red beret resting her head in her lap
Image credit: Scavengers Studio

Season: A Letter To The Future, a bike road trip adventure game with a very striking look to it, is coming out soon. Developers Scavengers Studio have announced a release date of January 31st, 2023. In Season you play as a young woman from a small village exploring the world by bike, and you meet people and record your journey, and discover traces of peoples past. It looks very nice. And I'm sure that's where Scavengers Studio would prefer we ended the discussion.

Cover image for YouTube videoSEASON: A letter to the future - Release date reveal
I want to ride my bicycle

At least, judging by the brevity of the "About Scavengers Studio" section in the press release it is. But look, a bunch of people put hard work into this game, and Season does sound extremely like my jam. You two-wheel your way through the world in an effort to capture memories of it before a cataclysm washes much of it away. At any point you can hop off your bike to capture things, be they images of buildings, videos of birds, or recordings of locals talking. That's a very cool concept, and the art style is bloody lovely.

Alas there is a small bit more context to the studio. When Season was revealed almost exactly two years ago at the 2020 Game Awards we all went "Oooh!". Then a couple of months later GI.biz reported allegations of harassment levelled at former CEO and studio co-founder Simon Darveau. Darveau was suspended and the current CEO Amélie Lamarche stepped down while an investigation was carried out. The results of said investigation criticised the company's poor communication, but ultimately resulted in Lamarche returning as CEO and Darveau being reinstated in "a smaller, non-managerial role, prototyping a research and development project."

That's a troubled year to make a game in, though it seems like Darveau has been kept away from Season's development since the news broke big. There have been a few stories over the years suggesting that, though working at a big studio can come with problems, indie darlings aren't immune to issues. Season is not to be confused with other pretty road trip game Open Roads.

In any case, season is out on January 31st, 2023, and will be on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $25. It's $30 on PlayStation but in fairness on that you get to use them fancy controller triggers to pedal the bike, which is surely worth a fiver (other currencies tbc).

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