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Bicycle adventure Season looks like a lovely mystery

You'll witness the end of an era

The folks of Scavengers Studio behind snowy last survivor standing game Darwin Project have announced something quite different as their next project. Season is a bicycle adventure through a world not quite like ours facing some great collapse, as revealed during a lovely-looking trailer during last night's The Game Awards show.

"The premise of Season is that you play a traveller recording the last moments of different cultures before they’re washed away," Scavengers Studio. "You will be immersed in different societies that will make you discover the mysteries of the world of Season; a surreal version of the mid-twentieth century, where thousands of years have passed without any progress. Find out what caused the last collapse and what might cause the next one..."

Scavengers say you'll be collecting artifacts and taking recordings as you meet characters who can change your course through the story. The trailer does make it sound quite mysterious. Have the generations prior truly not aged and been alive for a millennium?

Questions aside, it looks quite calm and lovely. After spending 2020 stuck in place, I'm all the more eager for games that just let me go places and enjoy the getting there. I'm reminded of the postal worker game Lake that was announced this summer, although they're otherwise quite different I'm sure.

Scavengers haven't announced a date for Season just yet, but you can keep an eye on it and pop it in your wishlist over on Steam.

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