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A new trailer for scenic travelogue Season shows who you’ll meet on your bicycle travels

The cycling adventure tasks you with photographing an endangered valley

Cosy photographic biking adventure Season: A Letter To The Future is out on January 31st, and a new trailer reveals a little more about the game’s story and the people you’ll meet on your journey. Season puts you in the loafers of Estelle, a young woman from an isolated village who sets off on a two-wheeled trek to capture and preserve memories from her home valley before a soggy disaster wipes them off the map. You can watch the trailer below for a glimpse of Season’s very pretty, but doomed, world.

Cover image for YouTube videoSEASON: A letter to the future - CG Story Trailer | PC, PS5 & PS4
Season: A Letter To The Future is about collecting memories before it's too late.

Season was first shown at The Game Awards back in 2020, and dated for a January 2023 release at the end of last year. Although the game shows sensitivity towards its diverse cast, as Alice Bee noted then, the devs working on the game had been going through a difficult period due to an investigation prompted by complaints about the behaviour of senior staff.

Two years ago, the former creative director of Scavengers Studio was accused of sexual and verbal harassment by multiple staff working at the company. The devs alleged a toxic and hostile “boys’ club” working environment at the studio that infantilised women working there, focusing on the behaviour of co-founder and former CEO Simon Darveau. Scavengers’ CEO Amélie Lamarche responded with an apology, saying they would do better for their employees, and committing to an external audit of the company’s culture and practices. The audit's results found poor communication at the studio, but Darveau was reinstated in a non-managerial role.

Season: A Letter To The Future cycles onto Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 31st for £20/$25/€24, with a 10% discount for the first week after release. It’s also wheeling its way to PS4 and PS5.

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