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Gwent won't get any new cards after 2023

Support came and Gwent

Sad news, card pals: CD Project Red are pulling back from Gwent, with no new cards to be added after 2023. Beyond that the servers will stay online but the devs don't intend to release updates themselves, instead handing responsibility for balance changes over to the community via in-game tools.

Six years of active development seems like a pretty good run, to be fair.

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The news comes from the vid above, where game director Vladimir Tortsov and senior communication manager Pawel Burza discuss their plans. They start with summing up what they did this year, then run through their 2023 roadmap before moving on to what's in store for '24 at around 31:30.

They do still plan on releasing 72 new cards across next year, dropping bundles in April, July and September. The hope is that these will "complete the card pool", so that the game's semi-final state will include "every idea" they want to see in Gwent.

The devs then plan to pass the reigns on to the Gwent community, in a move they're dubbing "Project Gwentfinity". Burza says they're "working on a solution" that will let players make and vote on balance changes from within the Gwent client, though those tools won't support adding new cards or re-working new abilities into old ones.

CD Projekt have told IGN that a "small number of developers" will stick around to keep the game running, with everyone else off to work on other projects.

Sorry, Gwenters. Can I offer you some Marvel Snap in this trying time?

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