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CD Projekt Red gain "new rights" in agreement with The Witcher author

The dust has settled.

CD Projekt Red announced today that they have reached a new agreement with the author of The Witcher novels, Andrzej Sapkowski. The announcement is short and light on detail but is aptly timed to suggest new Witcher-related projects are in the works at the Polish games studio.

CD Projekt Red's short announcement says "both parties signed an agreement further solidifying their relationship." Last year, CDPR and Sapkowski had a legal disagreement in which the author demanded an additional payment from the studio.

Presumably this new agreement relieves that strain. CDPR's announcement does not make any mention of payments, but it seems that in one fashion or another the two parties have found a way to move forward. "The agreement satisfies and fully clarifies the needs and expectations of both parties, past and present," the announcement says. The agreement grants the studio "new rights" and confirms their ability to use "The Witcher" in the realms of video games, graphic novels, board games, and merchandise.

So what does that mean for the future? The Witcher is certainly expanding into new territory right now with The Witcher Netflix series. Does this mean CDPR are working on The Witcher 4? Maybe, but not necessarily. Without knowing the specifics of the past and present agreements between Sapkowski and CDPR, a negotiation could have been needed for the studio to continue work on anything from licensed sweatshirts to the Gwent game.

If I were one for wishful thinking, I'd say that with the release of Cyberpunk 2077 planned for April, CDPR could be looking ahead to pre-production on another big RPG. That would be speculation though. The safer bet is that this agreement is just another business day for two parties involved in the grand Polish export that is The Witcher.

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