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Have You Played... Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II?

The sounds of my childhood

Nothing beats the audio design of Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II. You know when you look at a light for too long and then close your eyes, and you see an imprint of the light against your retinas? The sound of an elevator in Dark Forces II is similarly burned into my memory, whether I like it or not. As is the excellent "EUURRYAAAARRGH!" death-cry that protagonist Kyle Katarn makes as he takes one blaster bolt too many and collapses onto the ground.

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Apparently I played Dark Forces II so much, and at around the right age, that these and other noises just occasionally enter my mind without any warning. I'll be sitting quietly drinking my cuppa, and suddenly I'll hear the bubbly electric drawl of Force Healing yourself in a moment of need. Other times I might be drifting off to sleep, and I'll be abruptly assaulted by the maniacal laughter of Boc the Crude.

Goddamn Boc. All the bosses were annoying in their own ways, but Boc can just get in the bin, with his constant bouncing around the arena, slicing at you with his dual lightsabers and cackling while he does it. Piece of shit.

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