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Sneak a peek at this cutscene from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Solas, what are you up to

After hitting alpha last month, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is at last on the horizon - though still the 'far off, squint a bit and you can make out a few basic details' horizon. BioWare have now revealed a sneak peek at an early cutscene, in which chirpy dwarf Varric muses about his old companion/possible ancient Elven god Solas. He's the big bad, you see. The Dreadwolf himself.

BioWare have also released a few bits and bobs in celebration of Dragon Age day, including posters for upcoming Netflix show Dragon Age: Absolution, which is out on Friday. I hope it doesn't do a Dota.

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That's Solas, then: "ancient Elven god of lies, or heroic rebel against tyranny - depending on which story you believe." I'm inclined to believe the first one, given that Varric reports his current aim is to tear down "the veil that splits our world from the raw magic of the fade" and destroy the world.

We already knew Solas was sus from Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC, where I believe it was first revealed that he both created the veil and now intends to destroy it. Hopefully this is just something to get us in the mood before BioWare hands out more to chew on at the Game Awards this Thursday.

BioWare's post also showcases some Dragon Age: Inquisition fan art, talks about the team's commendable charitable giving to the Trans Empowerment Project, and shows off a handful of Dragon Age: Awakening posters.

I still want to play the version of Dragon Age 4 that was about wizard heists.

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