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Valorant and League Of Legends join Game Pass next week with all characters unlocked

Game Pass will also offer perks for Riot's mobile games

Riot Games are joining Game Pass next week, bringing free-to-play games including Valorant and League Of Legends with the benefit of having all characters unlocked. Other games will have other perks on Game Pass, including Riot's mobile games—a novelty for Game Pass. Sadly this offering does not include Riot's paid games, like the League spin-off RPG Ruined King. Read on for more details on what Riot are bringing to Game Pass.

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Riot first announced Game Pass plans in June, and today they detailed 'em. On Monday the 12th of December, these Riot games will join Game Pass: Valorant, their 'Counter-Strike with wizards' first-person shooter; League Of Legends, the MOBA that made their name; Legends Of Runeterra, the LoL spin-off card game; Teamfight Tactics, the League spin-off autobattler; and League Of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of League.

All these games are free-to-play, so what your Game Pass sub will get you is instant access to in-game bits which are usually unlocked by effort or money (in some cases, lots of money). These only last as long as you're subscribed to Game Pass, obvs. Here's what each will offer:

Valorant Game Pass benefits:

  • All current Agents
  • Day-one access to every new Agent as they're released
  • 20% Match XP boost given to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and active Agent Contract progress.

League Of Legends Game Pass benefits:

  • All 160+ champions
  • Day-one access to every new champion as they're released
  • 20% XP boost

Legends Of Runeterra Game Pass benefits:

  • All cards in Foundations Set

Teamfight Tactics Game Pass benefits:

  • 1-Star Rare Little Legend Tacticians
  • 4 Arena Skins that are available until April 2023 and 1 Arena Skin on a monthly rotation thereafter

Because the process involves linking Game Pass and Riot accounts, the mobile versions of Runeterra and TFT will also benefit from these perks. League Of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile-only version of the MOBA, will also offer Game Pass perks, though these will start in January, not next week.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Game Pass benefits:

  • All 80+ champions
  • Day-one access to every new champion as they're released
  • 20% XP boost

On top of that, Riot plan to offer a wee extra bits to people who link their Xbox and Riot accounts between now and the 1st of January, 2023:

  • League Of Legends (PC) - Masterwork Chest and Key
  • League Of Legends: Wild Rift (Mobile) - Random Emote Chest
  • Legends Of Runeterra (PC & Mobile) - Prismatic Chest
  • Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile) - Little Legend Rare Egg
  • Valorant (PC) - Pocket Sage Buddy

It is interesting to see Game Pass dabble in bonus bits for mobile games. Makes sense.

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