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Every League Of Legends champion will soon be available via Game Pass

Plus content from all Riot's other games

Here's a thing: Riot's games are coming to Game Pass, including League Of Legends, Valorant and Legends Of Runeterra. Those are free-to-play games, which means what you'll really getting for your subscription is access to some of the bits that would normally be locked behind real money or the grind. In League Of Legends, for example, a Game Pass subscription will unlock all 160+ of the MOBA's champions.

Here's the video announcing the move:

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So that's: all champions unlocked in LoL, the Foundation Set unlocked in Legends Of Runeterra, some Little Legends unlocked in Teamfight Tactics, and all agents unlocked in Valorant. Thanks for the number of characters League Of Legends has, a Game Pass subscription is now a shortcut that lets you avoid spending hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars, or allows you to dodge thousands of hours of grind.

There's not an exact date for when the content will be available via Game Pass, though a post from Riot on the Xbox site says they'll share info about how to access it "in the coming months."

It's worth also noting that while all of the champions or agents might be unlocked, that doesn't mean all of the skins or other cosmetics for those characters will be unlocked. I'm sure there will still be plenty of ways to spend money in Riot's games should you want to.

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