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Marvel Snap's community infographic includes a Black Panther with over 8 million power

Wakanda for ever and ever and ever

Playing online card battlers can be a lonely life, so I was pleased to spot Marvel Snap's latest community infographic. No longer are my opponents just names on a screen: they're now names on a screen who I know have contributed to the 159 million Vibranium cards drawn during the Vibranium Forge event. It's neat to see some silly stats, even neater to see a Black Panther with a power level that tops 8 million. A normal number would be, like, 16.

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Here's the infographic, totting up various numbers from the recently concluded Warriors of Wakanda season. It's made by community manager "Ultra-Skye".

Here's a crop of that powerful Panther, though it is a mockup.

I like how this demonstrates one of the elements that makes Marvel Snap interesting, which is switching your deck up based on featured or hot locations, which are temporarily more likely to appear - though this Panther had it in the bag regardless. That location there is The Throne Room, which doubles the power of the highest ranked card present. Black Panther is a card that starts with 4 power, but his "reveal" ability doubles that when he's played. Mystique mirrors the ability of a card with an "ongoing ability", which in this case is doubling Wong's ability to double reveal abilities. Combine that with Odin, who makes every card repeat their reveal ability, and you have... well, 8,388,608, apparently.

But wait! As Redditor "mkuno" explains, that's actually a number that computers sometimes come up with when they're confused.

Lord knows what the actually correct value there is, or whether it exceeds this one from Jinorino, who shared a screenshot on the game's Discord from his mate that shows a higher one. Ta da.

I'm not sure what's going on here. You've got Wong and Odin again, then the Limbo location taking the game into an unusual seventh round - though that was created by the opponent's Magik, so it could have been a Throne Room first. There's also Arnim Zola, who's just killed the Panther who was in the middle to replicate him on either side of the board. Some other cards must have been played and destroyed, but nope, I give up. Well done on the number, Peekachun.

It really is impressive how Snap wrings out so many nuances from six rounds of simple 'who can get the biggest number' card play.

It's free on Steam.

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