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Marvel Snap's new Conquest mode arrives on Tuesday

Bam! Bif! Snikt!

Get ready to bam, biff, and snikt through a new form of ritual combat, as Marvel Snap's new Conquest mode will launch next Tuesday, the 13th of June. That's hot news today fresh from Geoff Keighley's Level Up Pool Party. Conquest is a single-elimination tournament challenging you to climb tiers of the competition to win prizes, including a shot at a prestigious cosmetic at the end of the season.

Here's that nice boy ProZD in a new trailerWatch on YouTube

"Conquest uses the recently launched Battle Mode as its play format, pitting two opponents against each other through multiple rounds," a press release explains. "Each player starts with 10 health and instead of Marvel Snap's iconic Cubes, what's at stake is the amount of damage the winner deals to the loser. Additionally, each player's 12 card deck is locked for the duration of the battle. Players will quickly learn what cards are in each other's decks and what tricks they are hiding."

You'll start out in the Proving Grounds tier, where winning earns you a Silver Ticket to Silver Conquest, then you can break into Gold, where you can win an Infinite ticket. Each tier takes more wins to climb higher, though your run will still end with a single loss. In the final week of the season, top players will get to compete for an Infinite Avatar Frame. Even if you don't scale the ranks, you'll earn Medals to buy "exclusive rewards" in the seasonal Medal Shop.

Marvel Snap is free-to-play on Steam, Android, and Apples. I get the impression from pals that it's pretty friendly as F2P card games go (and great fun to play!), but an intense competitive Magic: The Gathering phase in my teens means I know I shouldn't go near anything of the sort. But I'm happy for you and your Batmen, I hope you have a lovely time together.

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