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Marvel Snap will play its multiverse of superhero cards this October

Matches take 3 minutes - pretty snappy

Marvel Snap, the card game from some former HearthStone devs featuring a multiverse of Marvel superheroes, now has a release date. It was announced during this evening's Disney & Marvel games showcase that it would launch on October 18th.

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Your Marvel Snap deck consists of 12 cards, with each card featuring a superhero or villain from the Marvel universe. Or multiverse, rather, since there are multiple versions of the same characters. The trailer above shows 8-bit versions of the Guardians Of The Galaxy cast, for example.

You'll use those cards to fight against other players, with each of you taking simultaneous turns as you fight across three locations. Win two of those locations and you win the match, and earn Cosmic Cubes/Tessaracts for your trouble. I don't know what you do with those but I bet it involves unlocking cards. There'll be 150 cards at launch and then post-release seasons will add new cards, with every card apparently available to unlock without paying.

Marvel Snap is being developed by brand new studio Second Dinner, which was founded by four bods who previously worked on HearthStone at Blizzard. That's decent pedigree. We first heard they were working on a Marvel CCG way back in 2019.

Marvel Snap is coming to PC on October 18th. You can pre-register now, but that's only for the mobile versions.

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